Your Favorite Apps!

This week I used to virtually meet with dozens of our nerdy community. I asked several people to share their favorite apps and tech tools — and I merged them all into one fun video! Thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll have to do this again sometime.


  • Molly and Sandy are both talking about uses for starting at 0:32
  • Yiftach gives all kinds of resources to master Excel starting at 3:10
  • Mandy and Kit talk about fitness tools starting at 4:15
  • Starting at 7:48, Fran talks about Zoom, TripIt and Hipmunk (I totally misspelled it in the video!)
  • Scroll to 10:38 for the last word from Crissy… on LastPass
  • IMPORTANT… cat sightings at 0.32 and 10:30

Some shortcuts:

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