January 25

There’s got to be a better way: Favorite Christmas Tech Gift?

Help a Nerd Out! Someone in our community needs your help! Answer this question from Thu L.:

Beth, I didn’t buy any gadgets at Christmas because I was waiting to see what the best ones are. What are the must-have gadgets, connected appliances, doodads that everyone just HAS to HAVE?

There's Got to Be a Better WayKim Z: I really like my Fitbit Flex 2 – it’s waterproof, so I can wear it to the beach and/or the pool! And it auto-recognizes sleep and exercise (including swimming)

Liz R: Samsung Gear smart watch. I’ve had it for about 8 months and love it. I can see my text messages, emails, phone call notifications, etc without having to pick up my phone. The event notifications buzz my wrist, which makes it easier to remember those evening conference calls. Plus, it monitors my activity at the gym, although I’m not convinced the heart rate is accurate.

Eileen B: I love my Amazon Echo that I keep in my bedroom and I got the dot for the living room. As soon as I wake up with the Echo alarm I ask Alexa to tell me the temperature and then the news flash briefing that I listen to while I am making my bed. It is marvelous!!!

Joe H: Best gadget to buy for your honey who can never find wallet, phone, tablet, etc. Tile App

Joanne B: Amazon Echo

Paula S: Loving my Google Home!

Ron S: I bought myself an Apple Watch.

Karen G: My Microsoft Surface Pro 4. My Christmas gift form hubby.

Carolyn B: Amazon Echo!

Gabriella A: New specs ??

Kim G: The Nest





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