February 2, 2017

Hardware Review Extravaganza! Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire, Logitech Solar Keyboard


Today I gathered up some recent gadgets I’ve been wanting to share with you. Here are some short and almost-short reviews of three devices that you have been asking about.

Shortest Video: Logitech Solar Keyboard (less than two minutes)

Medium-Length Video: Amazon Fire HD (just over five minutes)

Longest Video: Amazon Echo (one second over seven minutes)



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  • Most of my family members all own Amazon Fire tablets. My nephew and his family have had the Amazon Echo for a couple of years. The kids(age 6 & 3) use it all the time. As long as they speak clearly Alexa will respond. Truthfully I haven’t tried to use it while I have been called in to babysit. Don’t know why, but next time I might have to give it a try.

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