February 9

There’s got to be a better way: To Do List

A nerd needs HELP! Answer this question from Shannon at the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association:

My boss and I are looking for the best app or way to share an ongoing To Do List. Something we can both see, share and update. It would need to be accessible on our computeThere's Got to Be a Better Wayrs (Mac and PC) and our cell phones. We’d appreciate any ideas!

Karen H: (I don’t have a suggestion; just want to say Yay Minnesota Turkeys!!)

Kasey N: Google Keep!

Bonnie Jo: I use the DropBox App for this.

Cindy J: We use Trello. It’s free and let’s you prioritize, assign responsibility, drag and drop task as they move through the To Do process, and add sub-lists. And so much more. Plus it’s really easy.

Shala M: I’ve been using google docs for the volunteers in my chamber to coordinate on various tasks through out the year. I love it! But they all feel its too difficult to use. I’m not seeing google docs mentioned by anyone else, so I’m curious about some of these that are mentioned multiple times. Wunderlist, Trello, Todois, Evernote, etc.. Can anyone who has used one of these tell me how it compares to google docs? TIA!!!

Lisa G: We use an app called “OurGroceries” to share and create different lists, it isnt just for groceries..we share it, we can add to it if one of us is already out shopping…has been a life saver…check it out.

Judy K: I use Wunderlist! It’s wunderful! Lists can be shared and updated by any user, also accessible on Mac iPhone Androids PC! Best of all, it’s FREE!

Tracy T: Microsoft’s One Note is pretty good. but kind of limited on setting up pages.

Missy P: Shannon – Definitely Wunderlist! Professional-looking, Easy and FREE! Judy is so smart!

Amanda W: Wunderlist! I share multiple lists with friends and families from books I want to read to chore lists for the weekend.

Rachel O: Todoist for a simple to do list. Evernote for more complex shared projects.

Steph Q: Wunderlist is awesome! I felt like I’ve tried everything and this one is really working for me.

Alan D: Todoist. You can even use it on your smartwatch.

Melissa F: I love Todoist.

Christine V: Todoist.

Karen G: Basecamp.

Kendall Buck: Evernote.

Kim G: Asana!




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  • I use an app called ‘I Do Lists’. It’s great, lets you create a list by name and add items easily. You swipe right when you’ve completed the item and can later swipe right on it’s grayed out remnant to make it live again. Perfect for Grocery Lists, etc. I wish EVERNOTE would copy this functionality into their program. The swiping makes it so easy!

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