February 23

There’s got to be a better way! Video Editing Tools


Howie J: Depends on how much editing you need to do. Premiere Pro is great, but if you just need to splice out some things, the free Movie Maker in Windows (you’ll have to download it if you’re on 8 or later) and iMovie on iOS pretty powerful for FREE.

JuliAnn G: If you need to make an animated GIF and have Adobe Creative Cloud, I’ve been using this tutorial to create them in Photoshop. It’s pretty simple and gets the job done. I’ll quit sharing now. https://helpx.adobe.com/pho…/how-to/make-animated-gif.html

I can use Adobe Premiere Pro when I have to but for a simple editor with robust capabilities I use Cyberlink Powerdirector. It’s inexpensive and I found it really easy to use. I didn’t get paid for this promo either. I just love it. :) Here’s a link to their site.

Sharon C: We just licensed Adobe Premiere Pro — cloud version — 4 seats. Pretty inexpensive for a non-profit organization. I haven’t used it yet but I know it will meet our needs.

Candi R: If you are on a tight budget (like I am) and using a windows machine check out movie maker. It should already be on your computer and works to edit or to create your own movie from photos.

Tcata: I found the Serif family of software a few years ago (they’re in the UK) and I use Serif Movie Maker X6, but I know they have a newer version. It’s very intuitive and other than for some pretty specialized things, was able to just open the software and edit. You can add audio tracks, overlays and insets, text and graphics. A really great tool. BTW, it’s definitely NOT free.

Steven R: If you are on Windows then I think Cyberlink PowerDirector is the most straightforward , powerful and inexpensive to use.



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