Photo Scanning Apps: PhotoScan by Google and Photomyne

Every single one of you has a box full of old photos, precious memories of family, friends and the best moments of your lives. In today’s digital age, wouldn’t it be nice to get them out of the boxes and into online folders where you can share them on Throwback Thursdays?

Today I discovered Google’s new photo scanning app for old photos, called, interestingly enough, PhotoScan by Google. The app helps you avoid the glare that appears when you try to snap a picture of a picture. But when I tried out the app, I wasn’t as impressed as Google products usually make me. (Note: PhotoScan hooks up with Google Photos, which is incredibly impressive!)

I went searching for an alternative and discovered an app I like much more: Photomyne. I bought the $4.99 pro version, and I’m quite impressed. The app lets you snap a picture of multiple photos at once (think photo albums). Then it separates the photos into individual images for fine-tuning.

Please watch this video where I compare the two apps and show why you might prefer Photomyne over the Google product.


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