March 16, 2017

There’s got to be a better way! Travel Tools



With many logging off for Spring Break vacations or road trips with the kids we asked, “What travel app can you not live without?”

Alan D. TripIt Pro. Faster and more informative than airlines for schedule changes and delays, and the option to auto-add any bookings from your inbox is so convenient.

Andrew PScrabble. For waiting for flights, buses, trains, taxis, hotel rooms….

Polina BFind Me Gluten Free! Huge help finding Celiac friendly restaurants when we are on the go.

Carolyn: Pana is good, but Lola is absolutely incredibly amazing for booking hotel rooms. And it’s free! I’ve had them spend days looking for the right hotels for me, and my reservation have always been solid. Also, I still prefer App in the Air to Pana — the notifications and other feature work better. Maybe just because it’s older than Pana. And also App in the Air has this cool feature that shows  how many miles you travel each year, and maps it! You can watch “yourself” go all around the country.

There's Got to Be a Better Way




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