March 31

Cozi: Handy Family Organizer


Family-Friendly Calendar Manager

Year after year, parents in my audiences tell me the best calendar tools is Cozi Family Organizer. Cozi lets you set up calendars for each family member and combines them on your master calendar. You can also import other calendars, such as soccer and school schedules. The system also includes family-oriented lists to help with shopping, chores and more. Google Calendar can bring together the same types of family calendars, complete with color coding and notifications, but Cozi adds the convenient tools that make it perfect for family management.

Note: If you’re already using Google Calendar or another tool, Cozi lets you import a read-only (non-synching) feed so you don’t have to add your appointments into two systems. Ditto for exporting Cozi events to your other web-based calendars.

Cozi has a robust free version, and the ad-free Cozi Gold with premium features is just twenty bucks a year per household.


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