March 31

Great Mobile Calendar Apps

Google Calendar is a great way to get your appointments into the cloud, but you don’t have to limit yourself to Google’s apps to retrieve the info. Try these third-party apps that pull the Google Calendar feeds into better formats.

Fantastical 2 (iOS)

Best Apple Calendar App

Since the death of my favorite calendar app, Sunrise – or rather its absorption into Microsoft’s products – I’ve migrated to Fantastical for my iOS calendar needs. As expected, Fantastical lets you use your Google Calendar as the basis for the tools. It also integrates into your contacts to help you remember birthdays, plus Apple reminders to help, well, remind you of stuff. True Apple fan? Use the touch feature on newer Apple devices for a sneak peek at your calendar, and add in apps for your Mac and Apple Watch.

CloudCal (Android)

Since Fantastical Doesn’t Have an Android Version

CloudCal not only integrates with Google – it also lets you pull in Microsoft products such as Outlook and Exchange. Another unique feature is CloudCal’s “Magic Circles” that display the day’s meetings on a round clock face.



Multi-Platform Calendar No One Has Heard Of

I’ve heard wonderful things about Jorte, but I bet you haven’t. Of the millions of downloads, almost a third have been from Japan. Jorte synchronizes with calendars like the others, but its biggest feature is the cross-platform capability: Windows, Android, Amazon and Apple.


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