April 5, 2017

There’s Got to be a Better Way: Smart Phone Tips



Help a Nerd Out! I heard the other day about a magnifying glass that is built into iPhones that I never knew about! What else am I missing??? [And share some Android tips, too!]

Howie J: For increased battery life:
– Turn off auto-brightness
– turn off location settings until you need it
– make sure to periodically open the active apps (double click home on iPhone or the one on the left of home on Galaxy) and close them all out
– and if you really want to increase battery life and productivity – GASP, log out of Facebook, Twitter, other social media and disable email notifications. (ok, so that one may not work for all you techies, but as a last resort!)

Bonnie B: Check out what us available in Accessibility. While designed primarily for special needs people every one can benefit from them!

Carol T: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen for easy access to airplane, mode, wifi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, camera and much more on iPhone and iPad.

JuliAnn G: From the iPhone’s camera app, use one of the volume buttons to click the photo instead of the button on your screen.

Susan B: 3D Touch on the iPhone keyboard to enter trackpad mode and move the cursor around.

There's Got to Be a Better Way


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  • Android phones – keep hitting volume down to lower volume for notifications, and keep going past silent/vibrate mode. This enables Do-Not-Disturb which disables all notifications (Except alarms, and others you can select). Saves battery, and your sanity 😉

    And . . . . double-tap your power button on Android to open the camera app without unlocking your phone

  • My tip is about getting a lost phone back.
    While on my walk I encountered an iPhone 6s+ in the grass. The sprinklers were on and rotating towards that section of grass. I saw no one around, I picked up the phone. At home I wondered how to return to owner. It had no info attached, the screen was locked on open screen. It was crazy hiw I found the owner.
    The point was this. It made me wonder how would my phone be returned to me if it was lost..
    Afterwards, I used an app Beth suggested in her past book -to make my phone returnable if I lost it.
    Heres my tip:
    On my phone I used OVER app. I took a photo I to be my startpage and visible even when phone is locked . Then if found the image is seen.

    To my image I used OVER and I added a simple overlaid message :
    CALL 123-567-8999 if found
    (I listed my husband’s ph number).
    That gives a good Sam the means to reach me-distraught owner.

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