The Webby Awards 2017: Favorite Apps and Sites

I can’t believe this is my job! Every year I look forward to going through the nominees downloadand honorable mentions for The Webby Awards, which recognizes sites and apps for outstanding awesomeness.

Here are a few of my favorites from this year (and you can take a look at my favorites from 2016 and 2015, too). Warning: Some are highly addictive and a few made me grab for the Kleenex!


Classic Project Management Tool
People have loved Asana in my sessions for years.

Keep Track of Your Family
You Might Call This Stalking.

Teach Yourself Better Habits to Get Stuff Done

Budget- and Team-Based Project Management

Let Artificial Intelligence Teach You How to Write Better Emails
Boomerang Respondable

A Trustworthy Password Management Tool

Let Someone Else Get Mad at Customer Service
I tried this out yesterday with a problem I’m having with my new orange glitter Converse hi-tops. Service wrote me back immediately and said I was out of luck on this one. Service takes 30% of any money they can recoup.

Mail Deluxe Cards from Your Phone
I send these cards every month. Love them!


Brush Up on Your Digital Knowledge
Digital Garage

Make Math Fun
I was so excited to share this with my sister – she’s a science teacher.

Test Your Math Skills for a Good Cause
Unicef Math
This one is great for kids.

Learn Almost Anything
Khan Academy
This has been a favorite for years.

Fun and Games

Make Your Own Stranger Things Title
Make It Stranger

Test Your 80s Pop Culture Knowledge
Retrominder TV
Think David Hasselhoff!

Test Your General Pop Culture
Higher Lower Game
You’re going to love this! It’s quite addicting and makes you think.

A Sad Story About a Sick Little Boy
Through the Dark
Both of these sad stories are interactive and engaging.

A Sad Story with Lots of Fun Colors
Remember Spook

Turn Your Device into a 3D Viewer
Frankfurt Zoo
This site just explains the coolness of this tool – doesn’t give you the tool itself. But it’s worth watching.

Your Cute Animal Fix


Make Posters and Flyers

Poster My Wall
Teachers told me about this wonderful site. Glad to see it getting recognition.

Find Fresh Designs for Your Social Media Graphics
Shutterstock Editor
It’s not as robust as Canva, but the designs are clean and fast.

Apps for Finding, Making and Sharing GIFs
The newest app captions your GIFs as you speak.

Freshen Up Your Website
The Whole Webby Homepage Category

Money and Budgets

Find Coupons on the Go
I’ve used this tool for years to save money on all kinds of stuff.

Save Money with Online Shopping

Receipt Management with a Budget Tool

A New Budgeting Tool

Audio Tools

Discover the Music of the Birds
Bird Sounds
This is truly a beautiful site. My father is a birdwatcher and it makes me think of him.

Create a Song with Images Your Device Recognizes
Giorgio Cam
This is a really weird tool, but it’s fun to play with for a couple of minutes.

Play the Accordion… with a Cat
This is disturbing. You have to view it on a computer – not your mobile device.

Make Your Own Soundtrack
Amper Music
Great to make quick background music for a video.

Make Music with M&Ms
Remix MMS
I couldn’t get the augmented reality to work. And I didn’t have any M&Ms.

Social Media

Relive Social Media Memories

Fun with Words
Merriam-Webster Twitter Account

Get Nagged by a Weird Mom on Twitter
M.A.R.I.A.N.N.E 7000


Discover the Best Time to Book Your Flight˙
It’s easy to find great prices with this app.

Hipmunk Travel Tool Becomes Your Travel Agent
Hipmunk Hello
Can’t wait to try this out. Hipmunk is one of my favorite travel apps.


A Braille Smartwatch
What a wonderful tool.

Health and Wellness

A Meditation Tool
Stop, Breathe and Think

Someone to Chat with When You Can’t Fall Asleep

Messaging App for People You Want to Avoid
Ghostbot by Burner

The Bot that Tells You What’s for Dinner

Another Cool Virtual Makeup Tool

Decipher Medical Jargon
Iodine Translate
This Chrome extension helps you translate medical terms right on the page.


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