April 12

There’s got to be a better way! Messaging Apps



Help our nerdy friend Derrick with his question this week!
“I know there are a ton of messaging apps out there, but I don’t want to download everything to try them out. Will you ask the community which messaging app is best (and why)?

WhatsApp? iMessage? What else?”

Tim B: The best one to use is the one your friends are on! It won’t help to have the best features and coolest tech if none of your friends use it too.

Amanda BI’ve recently started using GroupMe. It’s free messaging on any phone and the settings are pretty user friendly, allowing for paused notifications during busy times of your day. I never got into What’s App very much but I’m enjoying GroupMe with no complaints!

Sally D: I have started using WeChat. It is what everyone in Asia uses and it does free video and audio calls, as well as messaging. And since WeChat is going to become more popular in the US and will eventually be a payment plaftorm here like it is in Asia, its good to be an early adopter!

Lauren S: I have a side question for Android specific. What is a good app that I can get my text messages across all my devices? Verizon’s messaging app does well, but not on my iphone. I want my texts on my android (personal phone); tablet (personal); and iphone (work). Any suggestions?

Alan D: What’s App or Signal. Both are platform agnostic and work with users across the globe, and both are accessible from a browser.

There's Got to Be a Better Way


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