May 11

The Best Apps for Eating Better

fatcatOk, folks. If you’re reading my advice to find out my take on the best app for dieting, you obviously haven’t looked at my recent pictures. But I’m ok with a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do approach to this category if you are. For more advice on apps I haven’t used enough, check out these workout tools.

AI Nutrition Coach

I always thought that if I just had a nutrition coach peering over my shoulder as I ate to help me make better choices, I’d be miraculously transformed into a size 6.

Turns out having a nutrition coach on demand is just irritating to me.

Lark is an app that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your food intake and keep you on track. It’s judgy and unforgiving knowledgeable and encouraging as you use natural language to chat with the know-it-all science-based chatbot advisor. The 16-week programs are designed to give you a good start on better habits. So try it. Or not. $20 a month.

Calorie and Activity Tracker

Lose It!
Calorie and Activity Tracker with Food Image Recognition

Of these two apps, MyFitnessPal is the most well known and perhaps the most beloved. Under Armor bought it in 2017, expanding its extensive reach even further. The app integrates into the very popular fitness series named MapMy… Ride, Fitness, Run, Walk, etc., as well as many other fitness trackers and other wellness tools.

Lose It! also has many fans, but it’s the Snap It! feature that makes it stand out – at least in theory. You snap a picture of your meal, and the app uses image recognition to determine what you’re eating and how much. I gave it a try in early 2017, and it needs improvement. It identified my egg as an almond and my kale/steak combo as macaroni and cheese.

Visual-Based Meal Planner and Calorie Tracker

For those of us who still believe that a quart of Ben & Jerry’s is one serving, there’s MakeMyPlate. This app helps you visualize healthy meals with pictures on a virtual plate.


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