May 11

The Best Workout Tools

puppy runningI ran my first marathon in 2007 – and my sixth (and last) in 2012. I offer that as proof that at one time I knew what I was talking about when it comes to tools to help you stay active. (Want more health tips? Click here for apps to help with nutritional choices.)

7 Minute Superhero Workout
Short Workout Routines that Save the World

Walking Adventure for Fitness

Zombies, Run!
Running App with Zombies

The app developer Six to Start has three of my favorite workout apps. I’m always partial to tools that begin with a Z, but I truly do love Zombies, Run! This was Six to Start’s original fitness app. The game motivates you to lace up your running shoes with adventures and storylines around blood-thirsty zombies.
The Walk has the same type of storytelling style, this time in an adventure that helps you get your 10k steps a day. And the amusing 7 Minute Superhero Workout takes you through short exercise challenges that will help you save the world.

UPDATE! My marathon friend Christine gave me some insight into The Walk. Instead of just taking this out of the list, I’m posting her comments so you can see how the life of an app can be cut short.



Comprehensive Fitness Tracker

MapMyFitness is kind of an umbrella app for Under Armor’s collection of fitness apps. You can use it to track any workout with any fitness app. If you’re into more specialized workouts, such as cycling, you can try other apps in the series: MapMyRide, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk and MapMyHike. Under Armor also integrates its nutrition app, MyFitnessPal.

Workout Videos for a Custom Fitness Program

One of my biggest excuses for not working out is that I’m always on the road. Sworkit takes away that roadblock (get it? On the road with roadblocks? Ha!) by offering exercise plans that can be done anywhere for any length of time without any equipment. Easy-to-follow videos walk you through a workout. The paid version lets you create unlimited custom workouts and offers more fine tuning.


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