May 31, 2017

There’s got to be a better way! Take a break.


#NerdAlert! We summed up some of these great ideas with a little video as an experiment with Animoto’s new marketing video features! 

And now the post…

#HelpANerdOut I love this question we received from Linda V…. “When I take a break from working, I end up hanging out on Facebook or wherever — totally wasting time.

Anybody have suggestions for educational but fun sites that I can use for a break but will help me learn something as well?”

Donna M: Classes on Udemy – quality varies, but I’ve taken a few. I’m an IAAP member so I participate in admin skills webinars (costs vary from free to $15). Microsoft has short video tutorials, all free. I hear is good but I’ve never used it.

Maggie T: Two options: Corporately, we’ve enjoyed the seminars on SkillShare. It’s affordable with great content. Personally, I’ve started listening to podcasts from Joel Osteen for some positive thoughts. Those are free on iTunes.

Julie J: I like Duolingo to help learn a language, or Khan Academy to brush up on some math skills I have forgotten since grade school.

Joanne B: Tell StumbleUpon your interests (Art, Literature, History, Music, cooking) – anything, to direct your stumbling.

Terry T: I love Duolingo. I can practice my French and Spanish, and I am learning some Italian. It won’t make you fluent, but it is fun practice and free. If you want to pay for a course, I really enjoyed an art history course from, but it was a lot of work.

Amanda B: You can never go wrong with Ted Talks.


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