June 7

There’s got to be a better way! Podcasts


Thanks to Katie K. for this week’s question about podcasts. #NerdsLovePodcasts See my enthusiastic answer below…. (and then ADD YOURS!)

Beth Z: Right now (on the plane), I’m listening to “Stuff You Missed in History Class.”. I also like “Freakonomics” and a bunch of true crime mysteries.

Aimee T: I listen to a lot of NPR podcasts like Hidden Brain and Fresh Air. I also listen to This American Life, Radiolab, You Bet Your Garden, Song Exploder, All Songs Considered, Up First, NPR Politics Podcast., The Way I heard It with Mike Rowe, & Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Dani A: The Limit Does Not Exist, The Accidental Creative, TED Radio Hour, The Big Payoff, Invisibilia, Unexplained, Criminal, Theory of Everything, Modern Love, Mortified… to name a few 🙂

Alan D: Serial and Stitcher





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