June 8

Hire Beth Z for Your Fall Meeting

We’re halfway through 2017, and many of the fall events are already on the calendar (scroll down about 3/4 to see the schedule). If you’re considering bringing Beth in person or via webinar to one of your 2017 programs, let’s get it on the calendar! We’re also confirming dates for 2018.

Here are open dates for the fall as of today (July 27). If your date is not on this list, ask anyway! We have some wiggle room here and there.

Important note!
The dates in bold may be great opportunities for “add-on” programs when she’s in a certain area. They’re generally not good for webinars because Beth likes to present from her office where she knows the wifi will work.

August Dates

  • August 27-29 Austin Area

September Dates

  • August 30-Sept 4 Open
  • Sept 5 & 7 St. Louis Area
  • Sept 8-10 Open
  • Sept 11 & 13 Phoenix Area
  • Sept 13-16 Grand Rapids Area (Specific Dates TBD)
  • Sept 26-Oct 1 Open

October Dates

  • Oct 11 & 13 Nashville Area
  • Oct 14-17 Open
  • Oct 18 & 20 Miami Area
  • Oct 27 Minneapolis Area

November Dates

  • Oct 28-Nov 8 Open
  • Nov 14-26 Open
  • Nov 27 Salt Lake City Area

December Dates

  • Dec 1  Washington State Area
  • Dec 2-15 Open
  • Dec 16 & 18 San Antonio Area



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