July 14

Seeing AI: A Helpful App that’s Not Yet Helpful

Microsoft’s heart was in the right place when it created an app called Seeing AI. The concept is that the app uses artificial intelligence (AI — get it?) to “see” the room around you for sight-impaired users. Calling itself a “talking camera,” Seeing AI scans a room for people, documents, text and more. The app can also identify the big picture and share what it sees and describes the scenes.

What It Does Best/Worst

The coolest thing it does is to identify people, including characteristics such as gender, age and facial expression. *I* think it does a fantastic job since it identified me perfectly as a 22-year-old happy woman, and did a fairly good job IDing my nephews, give or take a few years. It also overestimated my sister’s age but got her facial expression.


My father, who just turned 72, begs to differ. The app looked at him and my 11-year-old nephew and kind of goofed:


The app got some scenes right….


And some scenes wrong…


Please Watch the Video

Check out this quick overview to see it in action.


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