September 29

Canva for Videos: Typito

Everyone loves the drag-and-drop, template-rich graphic tool called Canva. But it handles images, not video.

Yesterday I discovered a new video editor that has the same types of tools, and you’re gonna (mostly) love it.

You know all those cool recipe and news videos you see all over social media? The ones where you can watch silently and get everything they say? Typito is your shortcut to making cool videos like that — even the square ones!

To get started with Typito, you upload your main video clip. They can take a few minutes to load, depending on the size. Then once you have your video in the editing area, you can quickly click on captions, popups, titles, animations and more to add them to different segments of your video.

I found the interface to be very similar to Canva’s, with pretty much the same range of fonts, the same color customization options and more. As this image shows, you can choose from pre-formatted titles or make your own.

To choose a title, go to the area of the video where you want to insert the caption, then click the title. You can adjust the length of time the caption stays up as well as the location.

When you start editing the caption, it gets a little complicated when the caption has multiple elements because each element becomes editable separately, and then you have to adjust the parts one by one. And if you want to repeat the same element at a different point in the video (like a countdown, for instance), you’ll have to make all the adjustments to each element one by one again. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but it took a little longer than expected.

Right now Typito is better for captioning one short clip rather than cobbling together different ones. You can’t easily trim or crop videos, so it’s easier if you just upload exactly what you want to caption rather than trying to edit the video as well as the captions inside Typito.

Typito is free to try for a week and then just $3 a video for export. They’re working on a subscription service. I can envision using this service for lots of quick, easy video captioning on social media to give your videos that extra little professional edge.

Check out what I did on Facebook (click here to see it on Facebook with the closed captioning).


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