I did something nice and realized I’m a horrible person

Let me pose a question…

Do you think social media is changing our personalities?

Last week I did a really big favor for a stranger. Because of a series of strange events, the stranger had no idea of the sacrifice I made — and neither did anyone else.

As I realized that no one knew about my selfless act, I reached for my phone to post about the moment. And then I stopped myself.

Why did I feel the need to broadcast my gesture? I could perhaps justify it by posting it to encourage others to be selfless, but let’s get real. I was seeking a bunch of likes and many replies with praise.

It was KILLING me to hold back. The only person I told was my husband, who did indeed give me the “you’re wonderful” feedback I was seeking. But I feel like I’ve become a horrible person who needs to broadcast my accomplishments to receive recognition or pity or support or whatever.

As I watch my social media feeds, I see us all sharing moments in our lives for public comment. We share our love for each other, our bad hair days, our yummy dinners, our sunsets and sunrises, our tropical drinks on vacation, our cute cats and, lord help us, our political views. We seek thoughts and prayers, shared outrage, product recommendations and life advice.

So my question to you… have we changed as a society? Are we incapable of keeping our inner voices quiet? Do we feel invisible if we don’t share our worlds with the hundreds (thousands?) of “friends” who “follow” us?

I’m embarrassed that it was so hard for me to keep my kind deed to myself — that the act itself wasn’t enough for me. Am I alone?

Would love to hear your thoughts… because I need the feedback. Heh.

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