October 6

The Best Free Image Sites (Updated for 2019)

Find Royalty-Free Images and Multimedia

Way back in the day, when small-business folks like me needed a nice image for our blogs, marketing or other stuff, we were forced to either, umm, “borrow” an image we found on the web (which was often low-resolution, thus bad for printing) or pony up hundreds for royalty-free stock photography from high-end sites such as Getty Images.

But nowadays, there’s no end to the number of so-called microstock sites—online marketplaces where freelance photographers and multimedia artists, both amateur and professional, sell their images for a fraction of the cost at the high-end sites. We’re also fortunate that talented artists and image curators offer many royalty-free images for the best price of… free.

Here are some of my favorite free sites… followed by some paid ones I love. (I buy all of mine for my presentations, and I’m currently obsessed with nerdy animals wearing glasses.)

The best one

Multi-Site Image Search Engine

One of the frustrations with finding the perfect image is that you have to search on approximately a thousand sites. Everypixel solves that problem for you by aggregating both free and paid microstock sites into one search engine. When an image is on multiple sites, Everypixel gives you prices so you can find the best bargain. #savemoney #savetime… #win!

Also check out another multi-source image site:

Curates Photos from Many Free Sites

NEW for 2019

Free Sites

Death to the Stock Photo
Photos Sent Via Email

Photo Site with Handy Color Search

Common Stock Photo Themes

HubSpot offers lots of freebies as long as you give them your email address (use these if you don’t want to).

Life of Vids
Royalty-Free Videos, Clips and Loops

Negative Space
High-Res Photos with No Restrictions

New Old Stock
Vintage Photos from Public Archives

Photos, Vectors and Video

Image Site with Robust Search Engine

Curated Photos with Email Subscription

Video Clips and Stock Footage

Paid Sites

My Favorite Microstock Site

Adobe Stock
Subscription-Based Microstock Site that Integrates into Adobe Products

Reasonably Priced Photos

3D Images

Getty’s Microstock Image Site

Another Microstock Site

Cheap Microstock Site

Vectors and Illustrations with Some Free Images


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