November 3

Five Fun Fiverr Projects

Fiverr is my secret weapon for creating unique projects and products. Here are five of my favorite projects and the artists behind them.

ONE: Explain Artificial Intelligence with Old Man Steve

I’m doing a new session on AI, and I wanted a way to explain the concept without having me just blab away about it. So I wrote a script for a Fiverr spokesman to read. I found a guy named Old Man Steve, and the result is perfect!

TWO: Celebrate the Holidays with My Nerdy Followers

Fiverr excels at quick videos and logo customizations for the holidays. I paid $5 for this cool Halloween video three years ago, and I still use it every year. This artist isn’t on there anymore, but the guy who did the Minion holiday video for me is still around.

THREE: Personalize a Gift

When my husband’s beloved father passed away last year, my sister commissioned a special beer just for him. And I went to Fiverr to find a design for the beer labels. This guy did an amazing job for just $15.

FOUR: Create Social Media Content

Why post boring pictures of yourself on social media? Look around on Fiverr for any number of people who design cool caricatures and cartoons. Here is a Lego character I had designed.

FIVE: Create a Custom Coloring Book

Once upon a time (last year) I had a great idea to create coloring book pages for my attendees. So this Fiverr artist made one for me for $10. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but it’s pretty cute.


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