Money-Saving Chatbots with a Cute Factor

Delightful Text-Based Savings Chatbot

Text-Based Budget Chatbot with an Attitude

Since this week is all about chatbots, I just had to share two of my favorites.

These money-saving chatbots are so much fun! Both Digit and Penny are chatbots that work through text messaging. Penny presents itself as an adorable girl named, well, Penny, who tracks your expenses, helps you save and keeps you in the know.

I used Digit for about 6 months, loving the quirky GIFs and comments it would send as the system snuck small amounts out of checking and into savings based on my spending patterns. I was able to squirrel away several hundred dollars without feeling a strain.

I also like the “Goalmoji” feature, which lets you choose an emoji as a goal, such as a shoe emoji for that new pair of Converse hi-tops. In 2017 they introduced a subscription model for the service but bumped up the bonus you receive if you let your money sit in their account for a little while.

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