March 2

Product Hunt’s Best Tech Tools

Oh. My. Gosh. You guys are going to ADORE this.

Product Hunt is the reddit of new tech products and launches. It’s one of my secret sources of the best apps that I share to you guys. Each day dozens (hundreds?) of new or updated tech tools are “hunted” on the site, and we community members upvote the ones we like the best. I’ve discovered literally hundreds of new tools on this site, and I visit daily.

As if I didn’t love them enough… they just released an ebook with 400+ of the most upvoted products of 2017. I decided to share it as soon as I discovered it, but frankly it’s taking me forever to write this post because I’m too busy trying out my favorite tools from the list!

Ok, I’ll concentrate now.

Click here to get the book for yourself (it’s free!), or avoid the nerd overwhelm and just check out my curated list of the the kinds of tools that I love to share with you. (I went through the first six months of the document. It’s HUGE!)

  1. Memory by Timely keeps track of everything you do on your computer. I used it from quite some time then realized I wasn’t looking at any of the reports.
  2. Ohh… this is cool. Pinterest Lens uses object recognition to, well, recognize objects. It’ll help you pin to the right board and keep track of all your posts.
  3. Another win…. is a curated list of a whole bunch of data visualization resources, from timeline creators to interactive charting tools.
  4. Mailjoy is a new name for me… a very affordable postcard tool that lets me send real mail in a flash for less than a buck a card. I’m definitely going to try this one.
  5. Tiny Cards by Duolingo made it into The Big Book of Apps. It’s an easy flashcard tool to help you learn languages, vocabulary and more.
  6. You’re going to love Everypixel, a site that searches many stock image sites for free and low-cost licensable images.
  7. Everybody LOVES Astro, an email tool with AI smarts.
  8. For hours of entertainment, use AutoDraw to turn your quick sketches into recognizable doodles.
  9.  Oh, Lyrebird… you’re so very creepy. It lets you record your voice then click a button to synthesize your voice saying all kinds of stuff.
  10. I don’t know what the world is coming to when an app called Not Hotdog takes top honors. The sole purpose is to use image recognition to immediately determine whether your image is… or isn’t.. a hotdog.
  11. I always am on the hunt for good scanning apps… Adobe Scan has some text recognition capabilities.
  12. People who like to meditate love Headspace. Meditation takes too long for me. So, no.

Bonus! Watch this video to see how I curate a list of apps.




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