June 22

Instant Google Goodness: 8+ Things Google Can Do Instantly

This week I spoke at a tech conference for teachers, and I was reminded of the myriad of instant tools that Google puts at your fingertips.

Here’s a quick punch list of things you can do:

Flip a Coin

Google will help you flip a coin, roll dice, choose a random number and more… just by typing those phrases into the search bar.

Set a Timer

Google “10 minute timer” and Google will give you… get this… a 10-minute timer. You can also use it as a stopwatch.

Calculate Anything

Just put a problem or equation or other figuring challenge into the Google search bar, and your result comes up first. It also works with conversions, exchange rates and more number-y things.

Discover Random Facts

Google “Fun Fact” and the search engine shares, well, fun facts. 

Go Beyond a Normal Google

Go to Google.com and hold your cursor over the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

It’ll spin around and offer different phrases such as…

Find a Job

Just search “jobs” in the search bar, and Google shares listings in your area from a number of sites.

Manage Your Allergies and Check the Weather

Today in San Diego, I might get the sniffles. I know because I searched Google for “pollen count” and received a seasonal allergy report for my area. But I’m not worried about the pollen because it’s so beautiful here today… a fact that I confirmed by Googling “weather” to get my local forecast.

Watch Your Calories

Ask Google to tell you the calories in chicken, the fat in a cupcake or the protein in an egg.

Take a Breath

Type “breathing exercise” for a one-minute, I hate to say it, breathing exercise.


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