July 27

How I research your questions

Sometimes I can pop an answer off the top of my head, but often I have to dig around to give you the right info. That’s what takes so long because I have to find the time to dig around. 🙂

Here’s a real-time account of what it’s like when I figure out an answer. Poor Kristina had to listen to me ramble and discover the answers in a 5-minute conversation.

Here’s how it went.

Slideshow Videos

Kristina K. asked: I am look for an app that I can make a video message that will not break the bank! I tried Magisto and love it but have to subscribe to do what I want to do :/ Can you assist??
This question required a little more research, so I called Kristina to clarify what she meant by “video message.” In our five-minute conversation, Kristina got to hear how the nerdy sausage is made.
Kristina: We’re having an employee appreciation event, and I want to be able to make a little teaser video with pictures and words on the slide.
Me: Oh, Animoto is my favorite for that! And I think it’s free for the first 30 seconds…. [me going to Animoto’s pricing page]. Oh it looks like they’re asking $8 a month for the basic version. Hmmm. Well I think if you go through the app and not the site, you can get the 30 seconds. Hmmm.
Kristina: I’m not afraid of paying, but I just want to get the right tool.
Me: Google Photos has an option to let you make movies from photos. [Clicks on Google Photos Assistant area]. Hmmm. You can make a movie for your pet, pictures from 2017, selfies… looks like they don’t give you much control.
Ok, let me look at Facebook. It has a free slideshow tool that doesn’t come with any bells or whistles, but we could take a look. [Opens new tab to Google how to make a free slideshow video with Facebook. Gets distracted by another idea.]
Why don’t I Google “create slideshow free with words”… Ok. There’s Magisto, there’s Animoto.
OH! There’s Wondershare saying they’re the #1 Free Slideshow Maker! I love Wondershare products. [Goes to site.] Hmmm. Looks like free is not free. The download is free, but it costs money to actually make it work. So… no.
Ok, there’s Photosnack. I like their productsPhotosnack, Flipsnack…. It looks pretty easy, but you are limited to 15 photos and you can’t download in the free version.
OH! Duh! I forgot about Adobe Express! They let you create little movies, web pages and social media posts for free! Oh, use that!
But here’s the deal… you can’t download the videos with Photosnack or Adobe. I have to have the video because sometimes I can’t go online to show it and sometimes I have to embed it in a presentation. So I have this little trick. Don’t tell them I told you. I use Snagit by TechSmith to record a screen video when I’m playing the online video. Then I can save it. Snagit is like $50, and I use it for screencaptures all the time.
Kristina: Is it a one-time charge?
Me: Yes! And I use it all. the. time. for much more than just stealing videos.
Kristina: Thanks so much for your ideas.
Me: I have one more thought. If you don’t want to worry about doing this yourself, there are tons of people on Fiverr who do this kind of stuff for you. Just choose someone and give them all the photos and words. They pay for Animoto, Magisto and all that and do a great job. You’re probably going to pay more than the base price of $5, but it may be worth it.
Kristina: Great! Thanks again.
Me: I’m so happy I could help. Now you have to share what you come up with when you’re finished.
Kristina: Will do!


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