August 24

How to Find a Phone’s Owner: An Infographic

So you’re in a coffee shop and find a phone… how do you find the owner? Or more seriously, what if someone is hurt and you need to call for help? Keep this infographic handy and share it! Oh, and read this post for tips to make sure YOUR phone contains the info it needs so you can be found or helped in an emergency.


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  • Last yr , I was that good Samaritan , who found a brand new iPhone . I waited around at the park awhile , but no one came looking. so I went home & turned it on . Tried to unlock, nothing honey. it immediately shut itself down after I looked at. I was hoping someone would call the phone and I could answer it. Never happened

    Before it shut down, I could see that it was a Verizon-based phone. I went to Verizon , I took the chip out of it and said I found the phone. The reason I didn’t give it to them the ohobe was of suspicious behavior by the clerk and it felt as though the dude would keep the phone for himself. After the ckerk read the chip , he told me he’d notify the owner of record.
    I asked to meet the owner at the cell phone company and gladly give them the phone… no obligation at all.
    Well, I never heard from anyone I put a posting on craigslist; still nothing .
    And I finally asked fir help from a very savvy friend ( who is a reviewer for iPhones) . At first he encountered trouble no Apple employees would not give him contact info. ( understandable) nor reach out to then owner. But , my friend figured out a way to unlock the phone enough to figure out who owned it.
    long story …short , we emailed the phone owner , who live two states away, and got their address and returned the iPhone.
    . But it was very difficult & took a very , very extra curricular effort.

    After that, I thought about losing my own phone. So, I added my husband’s contact phone number on my iPhone lock screen photo ( we did the same on my husbands phone , posting my phone number as emergency contact )
    Easy as pie if our phone is lost and then found by a Good Sam!

  • While some may not consider it an emergency, universal code for emergency contact is ICE which stands for In Case of Emergency. I have this in my contacts list. Examples: Firstname Lastname ICE1-brother and Firstname Lastname ICE2-sister
    So if someone were able to get into my contacts and typed in ICE these would come up. And yes, other things might come up also [such as service in a business contact name] but the ICE designation indicates Emergency Contacts.

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