October 19

How To: Video Postcards with PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is one of my favorite tools to make a quick video to share news, the energy of an event, testimonials… all kinds of stuff.

In this series of posts I call #BethBuysAHouse, I created this video as if I was a real estate professional telling potential buyers about the houses I thought they’d be interested in.

All I did was record three short videos and arrange them on a collage template that PicPlayPost provides.

Here’s a walkthrough of how I make these:

PicPlayPost can do all kinds of fun videos, as well as regular old photo collages. The first sample below is the traditional collage setup that I use for capturing energy from an event. It also employs the #PicPlayPostShow feature that cycles through photos in large format.

The next sample uses new features to create a “video wall” animation. I love these.




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