January 17

Google Photos is creeping me out

Ok, you guys. This is really getting weird.

When I moved to Nashville, I used an app called Sortly to organize my packing. I took pictures of everything I was packing so I could organize it in the app and find it later.

I packed a whole bunch of framed pictures, which included several shots of my cute nephews.

Today I went to Google Photos because I was going to demo how Google uses artificial intelligence to recognize faces to help you search and organize your photos.

To my huge surprise, the pictures I took of the pictures were now cataloged. And for the first time, Google asked me to verify an image. But wow. How creepy.


#HelpfulButCreepy, graphics, organization

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  • I use Google Photos to back up all photos taken with my phone. Google Assistant collected a group of those photos and suggested a photo book. It was a nice presentation of my cat, Pixel, at various ages and in various places in my home. I edited it a bit and bought the book.
    The creepy part? I have three cats. I take pictures of all of them. Pixel and Queenie are similar in appearance. The suggestions included some photos of more than one cat, some with just one cat. Pixel is in every photo.
    Google’s facial recognition can tell the difference between cats.

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