February 1

Envato Elements: My new favorite stock image site

I’ve updated my list of free stock photo resources here, but if you regularly need graphic content for your small business, you have to check Envato Elements out.

For about $200 a year (~$17 a month), I have access to hundreds of thousands of all kinds of content that a small business might need:

  • Images
  • Video footage
  • Illustrations
  • Presentation templates
  • WordPress website templates
  • WordPress plugins
  • Audio files
  • And more, more, more

Envato Elements is the very first place I look when I am creating anything that needs a graphic element. Searching for the word “nerd” yields 244 photos, 49 graphics (including illustrations, stickers, etc.), 48 graphic templates (logos, business card templates, icons), 26 stock video files and even 3 3D images. This is pretty cool because “nerd” is actually a tough search word.

The site pays its contributors for adding to the pool, so you’ll find a ton of stuff. Envato also offers a marketplace where you can buy presentations, websites, templates and more individually, but with Envato Elements, your fee pays for anything you find. (Read more about how I use the Envato Marketplace.)

The drawback is that sometimes these are the less-than-bestselling offerings from the providers, so some of the stuff is kind of, well, bad. But most of the time I can find something I can work with, and this has saved me money on the traditional paid sites and also sparks my creativity by encouraging me to spice up all kinds of pieces with a little extra multimedia.


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