March 22

Up your video game with these fun tools

As you guys know, I’m creating a new half-day course and guide to teach people how to make cool videos. Here are three of the new resources I’m writing about in the guide this week.

Create Fake Texting Stories

Since texting is so much a part of our lives, making an eye-catching video of a texting conversation is a great way to get someone’s attention for marketing or social media. I’ve been using Texting Story for fun little updates like this one:

Go Vintage Video for Fun

What a fun video camera effect! 8mm Vintage Camera puts vintage film filters over your video, with a cute little button to make the film “catch” for extra effects. You can choose vintage looks from the 1920s grainy, speck-ly film all the way to 1970s groovy. You can also put different clips together to make a longer movie, complete with title and closing slides. Android’s Vintage 8mm Video – VHS is similar.

Add More Special Effects to Your Video Clips

You’ve heard me talk about PicPlayPost before. They’ve added all kinds of super-duper video effects to create even more intriguing montages. This is a quick video I did for a friend’s birthday celebration. I did it all from my phone in about 30 minutes, which is probably 25 minutes longer than these things usually take with this amazing app. I just played around with it more because I wanted to make a super-special video for my friend.

And then there’s this PicPlayPost video where I tried to do the #cheesechallenge with my husband.

Capture the Fun of a Photo Booth

True story… the other day I was at an event for swim schools, and there was a group of really cool, really fun swim instructors outside the registration area. They were young and fit and so fun, and I got this HUGE flashback to middle school when I would slink past the popular kids’ tables on the way to the library at lunch. Not kidding.

So anyway, I see these young people at their table, and I’m fearful to approach. But I reminded myself that it’s been a long time since middle school, so I summoned some courage and asked if they would take some pictures for the presentation.

OH MY GOSH! These guys were so excited and so fun and so excited! And they loved me! I know… I’m over 40 now, and I should be over this. But that fear was there, and the middle schooler inside me was so excited!

Anyway, here’s one of the several really fun videos we made. I used IncrediBooth by Hipstamatic, which takes four pictures in a row, then not only creates one of the photo strips you’d expect, but also makes a very cool video of you taking the photos.

Use Social Media Video Tools Everywhere

It’s fun to use the Bitmoji animations in Snapchat and the Boomerang effect in Instagram… and it’s even more fun to export them as videos and use them everywhere! The Bitmoji filters change from week to week, but Boomerang and Hyperlapse with Instagram are available all the time.


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