April 12

Google Changes Everything: Making a restaurant reservation with Google Assistant

Last year, Google announced a mind-blowing feature that lets people ask a digital assistant call a business to make a phone call for a restaurant reservation or a haircut or a number of other time-consuming tasks.

The killer thing was that the “voice” that made the call had a “personality” and spoke in very natural-sounding language. People were astonished at this functionality.

I kinda didn’t believe that this would ever come to regular folks like you and me, but tada! It’s now available on both my Apple phone (just download the Google Assistant app) and my brand new Pixel 3. It’s also available on other Android phones.

Here is my experiment with making a reservation.

And here’s what Google says it can do:

If you own a restaurant or small business…

Read this FAQ from Google to find out what to expect if this service calls your business… and how to opt out if you don’t want these calls.


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