May 17, 2019

Why Meme: Three reasons to use memes in your business


Grumpy Cat is dead. Long live the meme.

Here are three ways using memes can help your business communications and marketing.

Memes are familiar

How many times have you seen this photo with different captions?

As soon as you see it, you can hear the guy’s voice in your head. It is instantly familiar to you.

Memes bring humor without making us work for it, slipping a tiny text twist on a familiar image in a way that makes us take notice. They’re effortless, fast and easy to make.

Memes are relatable

The best memes capture the spirit of a moment in a line or two. They’re everyone’s mood, one-liner and inner thought.

Memes are timely

You can use classic memes that everyone will always relate to like Grumpy Cat or the “That would be great” guy, but you can also jump on trending memes to get some attention.

How to Make a Meme

It’s so easy to personalize a trending image or GIF to create your own meme. Try these instant-meme sites and apps.

  • Imgflip — a classic site (leaves the watermark)
  • Mematic — this is one of the ones I use on my phone
  • Memes Generator + Memes Creator — iOS only, I’m afraid. This one I love most because it lets me do GIF memes on the fly.


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