May 31

Apps that Save Me Money

I feel like I’ve been hitting it out of the park with apps that help me save money lately. It’s like I have people coming up to me and saying, “Shut up and take my money!” These apps do more than save money, but I’ve focused on that feature for this post.

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GoodRx: $130 in Prescription Savings

You might have seen this short video about some health issues I’ve had lately. Spoiler Alert: I’ve been pretty sick.

The crazy illnesses have led to some sticker shock at the pharmacy, where the retail prices for some of these things have been toooo much.

So when the pharmacist asks for a hefty payment, I open the GoodRx app. The two prescriptions that were north of $80 were both reduced significantly by using the coupons embedded in the app!

You just look up the name of the medication on the app. I did it while I was standing at the checkout counter. You don’t even have to have an account with GoodRx, and you can also search for the pharmacies with the best prices.

GoodRx led me to a brand name drug’s manufacturer website for a $80 coupon on one prescription. And the app provided a list of pharmacies with coupons for a second drug, leading me to another $50 in savings.

Slice: $40 in Sale Refunds

We finally finished all the renovations in our new Tennessee home, and the new purple walls in my bathroom clashed with my old burgundy towels.

I bought a full set on Target. Before they even arrived, my Rakuten Slice app sent me an email. Target’s towels had just gone on sale! Don’t you hate it when that happens?

But Slice had my back. Not only did they notify me of the sale, they also provided a link to the Target site where I could ask for a credit back. Within about five minutes, I had a $40 Target gift card.

Note: some retailers (I’m looking at you, Amazon) don’t refund the difference if the price goes down. But I’ve gotten back hundreds over the years from Overstock, Nordstroms and more.

Credit Karma: $90 in Unclaimed Money

I love Credit Karma, a site that tracks your credit for free. They make money by suggesting credit cards and the like that would fit your budget and credit score, but I’ve just used the free features.

The other day I checked the site and got a notification.

Credit Karma provided the link to the California Unclaimed Funds site, and with a few clicks I had applied to get the check that I had forgotten about. I was also able to dig around in other states where I had worked and found another $25. I would have never known to check if Credit Karma hadn’t been keeping an eye on these claims.

TripIt: Hundreds in Savings Over the Years

I didn’t get any money back from TripIt this month, but over the years the Pro version ($49/year) has more than paid for itself. TripIt Pro watches the prices of the flights you are tracking in its travel organizer. If there’s a fare difference, you’ll get a notification. They take into account change fees, but really the only airline I’ve ever had success with is Southwest because they don’t have change fees and they have lots of sales.

Honey: Hundreds Over the Years

Well, my savings with Honey might not add up to hundreds of dollars, but I save several bucks here and there all the time.

Honey is a plugin for Chrome that watches for the best prices and for coupons whenever I buy something online.

It’s especially helpful in Amazon. You know how you see pricing on the first page of a product, then see “other sellers” in fine print? Honey does the math for you for all the different sellers and calculates the best prices based on shipping, etc.

Frequently I’ll see that I can save several bucks from another seller, even though it may take a few more days to get to me.

On other sites like Walgreens Photo, etc., Honey will try a whole bunch of discount codes that it has collected. I regularly end up with 10% off or free shipping or whatever. Hey, every dollar helps!


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