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Create a Will and Help a Charity: Giving Docs

Giving Docs

Online Will Creation for Charity Planned Giving Campaigns

While I was working on The BIGGER Book of Apps a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in the middle of a sentence in the section about getting your affairs in order because I was excited to craft my very first Last Will and Testament. It took me two minutes. The tool I used was Giving Docs, a charitable endeavor I discovered via AppSumo, a site that has random, insane deals on tech tools. Note: If you go to their website, you’ll be greeted with info for charities and fundraisers. Here is the AppSumo link so you can make your own.

Giving Docs partners with charities that benefit from bequests. The charities offer the free will generator to their followers. When someone creates a will through the charity’s link, the user will be provided a chance to leave a percentage of the estate to the charity that sent you the link—or any other charity you designate.

I was able to name my hubby the heir (you get the cats, honey!) and my sister the secondary beneficiary. You can get as precise as you want to with your possessions and riches. Then the site generates an official-looking document that it strongly encourages you to take to an estate attorney before getting it notarized.

Once you create an account on Giving Docs, you can go back and complete other official forms, such as Advance Health Care Directives, Power of Attorney and more stuff you’re supposed to do.

Giving Docs told the success story of Chive Charities. Of the 4,400 people who activated a Giving Docs account within 48 hours of getting the link, 42 percent left a bequest to Chive Charities. The users can go back in and modify anything at any time, but chances are Chive Charities will get donations from their efforts for years to come.

When I proudly presented my lawyer husband with my very first Last Will and Testament, he spent several minutes explaining to me that online wills may not hold up if contested. “Well, you’re getting everything, so don’t contest the will,” I said. Then I came back here to write this review. #LawyersWillBeLawyers


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