January 31

Recipe Collection Apps: Your View

A random email from a community member sparked a fascinating conversation on Facebook about where to store recipes. Here’s the quick reference guide to all the ideas:

Original Note:

“I have long used (years) an app called Pepperplate to store my recipes. Pepperplate has been a free app that was supported by advertising. This month, they have decided to reinvent themselves as a paid subscription service. When you log in they let you know that you have a 14 day free trial and then after that you can pay $2.99 a month or $32.99 a year to continue using the service.

It was such short notice that I didn’t really know how I wanted to handle it. I did know that I didn’t want to lose the 185 recipes that I had in Pepperplate. So far, I have looked at several apps and I found one called “RecipeSage” that will import directly from Pepperplate. Until I have time to research this more fully, I have imported my recipes into RecipeSage (they have reported that their requests for import from Pepperplate are up more than 100x – see below).

You may have some apps that you already like using for recipes. And, certainly, one option is to keep using Pepperplate as a paid service. At any rate, your reach is much further than mine for something like this so I thought I would forward it in the event that it is of interest.”

Joy J. from West Virginia

Here are the responses from our brilliant community members. What do you use?

Go Old School

 I still use my recipe card box and I do have some saved in Facebook. My favorites are stuck in pages of my Betty Crocker cookbook. Old fashioned, but works for me.

Joyce P.

You are sort of assuming a lot with the word organization. I think part of the joy of my time in the kitchen is the binder I have and the mess that it is….and the old cookbooks, the tried & true.

Christine P.

So I suppose I’m dating myself when I say I print them out and put in sheet protectors in an old school notebook.

Holly D.

Old School and Digital Combo

Lots of folks save the paper versions and supplement them with notes in different places.

 I use a cookbook and I write the recipe in the Notes section of my phone. If it’s something I find on the internet, I print and place in my cookbook or copy and paste to the Notes in my phone.

LondaNikki W.

I cook a lot and look through a lot of cookbooks…so they’re everywhere. Folders in my email by type of recipe, in labeled “saved” on Facebook and Insta, in text messages I send to myself and the definite keepers are in binder with sheet protectors.

Aaron H. from Texas

When my Mom died earlier this year she had six such binders, I culled and created two special notebooks for each for my daughters with those she wrote notes on. ? That said I am following this conversation as I would like something more digital.

Pam D.

Currently using my iPad Notes to save links to recipes. So far it has been working for that. Old ones still on paper!

Lorri S.

Specific Recipe Apps

Paprika: https://www.paprikaapp.com/

Paprika was the recipe app that got the most total votes.

Paprika! Best app ever!

Ruth L.

Obviously I’m biased but I totally second this! Put it on a tablet and phone. Use the tablet in the kitchen but it syncs to your phone for the grocery list.

Chad L.

The price is right for Paprika. It’s a $4.99 download to your iOS device and it says that it has an import feature for Pepperplate but that must be done via Windows.

Joy J.

RecetteTek: https://www.recettetek.fr/

 I use RecetteTek. It’s really easy to import recipes as I find them, either pasting the URL or using my phone browser’s share button.

Roxy W.

The Great Family Cookbook Project: https://www.familycookbookproject.com/default.asp

The Great Family Cookbook Project. Can give others access, can print a cookbook or just use the app-signed up several years ago and have lifetime access!

Kris S.

RealPlans: https://realplans.com/

RealPlans!! It’s super versatile – way more than anything else on the market. You can include or exclude ingredients or entire food groups to fit your dietary preferences or needs. You can import recipes too. A membership provides a weekly meal plan, shopping list and timeline to prep food ahead if you wish to do so.

Teri C.

The CookBook App: https://thecookbookapp.com/

General Apps: Pinterest, Dropbox and Evernote

Several people gave thumbs up to saving recipes on Pinterest boards or throwing them into an Evernote or OneNote note. One person organizes with Dropbox.

 I just slap them into Evernote – links, text, photos, whatever. Evernote is so search-friendly that I never have trouble finding what I want.

Scot M.

I am a everything looks like a nail when I have a hammer approach. I use Dropbox and upload recipes by type of dish and the main ingredient. But I will look at the apps.

Chad H.

Other Ideas

I loved these two ideas — one for not cooking and the other for preserving memories.

She can try this! How to turn your handwritten recipes into heirloom tea towels

Cooking? What’s that? Haha! I bought a Tovala smart oven on Black Friday and subscribe to their meal plan. My friends have all made fun of it but for me it’s so fast and easy. I need a smart oven because my cooking skills are dumb!! I make money not dinner. ?

Meredith O.


just plain fun, organization

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