Temporary Email Addresses to Manage Spam

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

A page you visit teases you with an offer for a wonderful tip sheet, white paper or other resource, all for free if you just enter your email address. But your email address is one of the most valuable facts about you, and every time you give it out, you risk exposures to hackers, spammers and more.

Here are two simple solutions to controlling your exposure.

Make Fake Emails with Burnermail.io

Burner Mail is a tool that I used extensively when writing The BIGGER Book of Apps because I didn’t want all the tools I was trying out to have my email address! Add it as a browser extension to instantly fill forms with fake emails that forward to your real ones. That way you can test out newsletters or other resources without worrying about exposing your main email address. The free version gives you 5 burner emails that you can manage, swap out and use as needed. I upgraded to the premium subscription ($30 a year) to get unlimited emails and other upgrades.

Create a Temporary Email in 15 Seconds with EmailOnDeck

EmailOnDeck is a simple solution that keeps your email safe until you’re ready to trust a site. Until I got hooked on Burner Mail, I used it at least once a week.

Here’s how simple it is (about 15 seconds). Once you have your temporary email, you can use it for any form then check back with your temporary inbox to get the goodies.

Update to this original post!

One of the comments below was a criticism of these types of tools. What happened after the comment appeared proves the point that you should be very careful about sharing your email addresses. (Spoiler alert: I turned into a stalker):


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