May 15

The Cutest Security Tool Ever

Most of the security tools I use are pretty serious-looking beasts: red and black logos, all-caps fonts and intimidating names. So when I saw the adorable elephant mascot for the privacy app called Jumbo, it took me a while to take it seriously.

Jumbo Is the Privacy App You Need Now

You have heard those warnings about all the things that Facebook tracks or the way Google uses your search history to target you with ads, and I’m sure you’ve scanned articles that tell you how to go in and change your settings.

But if you’re like me, you don’t stop what you’re doing and run to the privacy settings to protect yourself.

Once you install Jumbo on your phone (iOS or Android), you just link up your accounts, and Jumbo changes settings, deletes histories and keeps an eye out for all your privacy vulnerabilities.

Choose Your Privacy Levels

I like it when Google tracks my location because I love to look back on my travels. But I don’t need Facebook’s ad network to target my search habits. Jumbo lets you choose what types of privacy settings it’ll monitor.

Jumbo Services

I love that it not only makes recommendations about privacy settings… it’ll also share short (cute) lessons on why and where privacy is important.

Jumbo lesson

Monitor Jumbo’s Progress

Jumbo is constantly searching for histories to clear, hackers to thwart and advertisers to block. It’s fun to see the progress in the colorful reports.

Jumbo reports

But What about Jumbo’s Privacy?

Great question! I’m always suspicious of free tools that have access to privacy settings. Jumbo has won a lot of awards for its privacy policy and functionality, so I’m willing to trust. Here’s their privacy policy, which is written clearly and in English, unlike almost every other privacy policy.

Plus they’re unrolling a premium version, which they’re going to need to be able to keep doing what they do.

Jumbo Privacy


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  • Thanks Beth. I installed Jumbo and it is busily working on my phone right now.

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