May 29

Facebook Rooms


LIVE NOW: Try this out until 2pm Central Friday, 5/29!

I gathered my Nerdy BFFs Crystal Washington and Yoram Solomon to review Facebook Messenger Rooms, Facebook’s newest foray into videoconferencing.


  1. Easy to set up
  2. Can be internal to a group or public to everyone
  3. Anyone can set up inside a group (not just admins)
  4. Great for discussions and networking in a community

Cons (as of today… I expect they’ll update some of these):

  1. You can’t mute people, so it could be chaotic with 50 participants
  2. You can’t chat within the conference — you have to go into Messenger to do so
  3. Although you can share screens, I don’t see it as an efficient business tool — it’s better for communities


This video of us nerds figuring this out is worth the 20 minutes to watch. #NerdsAtWork


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