June 5

PhotoRoom App Review

I just love apps that do things instantly… and the new PhotoRoom app does just that. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent trying to remove backgrounds from photos. Yes, I love remove.bg (photos) and unscreen.com (videos), for removing backgrounds online. But they require me to be in a browser, and sometimes I just want an app.

PhotoRoom instantly recognizes people and obects then suggests layouts, backgrounds and even animations.

It’s only on Apple devices right now, but there’s a waiting list to be notified of the Android release. It’s free with the logo, and the pro version gives you extra features and backgrounds. (Oh, and they also have a web app coming soon.)

Watch this short video of me playing around with it exploring features. I sped up the play time and did a voiceover so you can catch all the functionality.


graphics, just plain fun, social media, video

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