June 13

LastPass is a Must Have!


Being a busy virtual assistant and mom of a toddler, I could not recommend LastPass enough. It is an absolute life saver! LastPass is a secure password manager that keeps your usernames and passwords safe in a vault. I use it for everything because it’s user friendly and FREE! You can upgrade to a paid version, but I have not needed to for my use- even the premium version is inexpensive. I do not know how I would get through a single day of my job without it. I can barely remember to feed myself lunch let alone try to remember usernames and passwords for numerous sites and social media accounts. If you are worried about the safety of your login information and struggle to remember your passwords, give LastPass a try.

A week with LastPass:

  • Monday: Beth shared her virtual assistant company login with me through LastPass, so I could get in and ask them to format a video transcription for us.
  • Tuesday: I had to login to my credit card account to pay my bill, and LastPass filled it in for me.
  • Wednesday: In my inbox today I found a note that one of my sites had had a breach. No stress! LastPass had generated a password for me when I signed up, and I quickly reset the password with LastPass, which then saved it for me. And since LastPass had generated a RANDOM password, I didn’t have to stress about which other sites used the same password.
  • Thursday: I bought a new computer and LastPass made it so simple to get everything set up for work, I just downloaded LastPass and added it to my web browser. So easy!
  • Friday: I found a new baby site I want to try out, and LastPass helped me sign up with a random, safe password.


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