June 13

WeVideo, the Free Video Editing Software


My favorite free video editing software is called WeVideo; as a humble high school student, unwilling to shill out for software, this has quickly become my favorite tool.

Pros: It’s a free and powerful software, it’s easy to use, it looks professional, and it comes with free stock images, videos, and soundtracks to use.

Cons: There is a fairly limited amount of content to be used on the free version, and there is better, more powerful software out there, although not for free.

This is one of my favorite tools, it’s great for entry to mid level video editing hobbyists, and can be used for more serious projects, such as in work or school.

I would also like to give an honorable mention to haveibeenpwned (https://haveibeenpwned.com/), a free online website that lets you check and see if your emails and passwords have been compromised due to previous leaks. Just type in an email, and see if it’s been involved in a leak, and from what site; or, head over to the passwords tab, and do the same for your passwords, past and current.



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