September 18, 2020

Stop Background Noise with Krisp


Have you ever been on a videoconference living in fear that you’ll get that Amazon delivery and the dog will go nuts when the doorbell rings? The solution is here!

Krisp is a PC download and a Chrome plugin that uses artificial intelligence to filter out background noises. I tried it out with everything from pounding on my desk while I was speaking to asking my husband to make noise while I recorded.

You get 120 minutes of filtered audio each week in the free version. Krisp also has a stand-alone phone app for iOS that gives you filtered calling capabilities. Where was this when I was trying to call clients from the airport?

Watch this short demo I did with the hubby this morning — complete with bloopers.


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  • AWESOME! I have a two dog alarm system that can really add a lot of noise to my zoom stuff. can’t wait to try this .. Thank yoou

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