October 16

Around.co: A Different Kind of Video Conference

Every once in a while I find a new tool that makes my toes tingle. That’s what happened when I saw Around.co, a videoconferencing tool that looks and behaves differently from our old favorite, Zoom.

What I love about Around.co:

  • Instead of Brady Bunch squares, participants are in circles, floating over your other windows.
  • Around includes face tracking to keep you in the center of the camera, so no more awkward camera angles and half faces.
  • Noise cancellation is built in, so you don’t have to use a third-party tool like Krisp.
  • The look and feel is more modern, lighter, more conversational.
  • Once you have an account, you can invite guests without making them sign up.
  • When several people are using Around in the same room, they somehow link up to enter a meeting and to not overlap the audio.
  • They’re still in beta, so they’re free!

Around.co Deep Dive

Yesterday I had an onboarding call with Around. I very rarely sign up for demos because I like to just play around myself. But I was so intrigued, I really wanted to see what they had to say. Here’s our walkthrough.

Giveaway Alert!

The Around people gave me some free licenses to give away!



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