November 13

Get Google Photos Now

This is not a drill! Google Photos is ending its “free forever, unlimited forever” tier, but you can still take advantage of the service.

Upload as much as you want before the June 1 deadline, and you can finally get your image and video library organized with Google’s phenomenal AI search capabilities.

Here’s how to get started with Google Photos, and watch this short video for the what and why of the Google Photos change:


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  • I started using Google Photos after Beth reviewed it a few years ago. It is fantastic! Another copy of precious photos in case of loss and so fantastic to organise. We use the phone app too and it backs up automatically from them as well.

    The creepy facial recognition is really good. I have got identical twins and it does a pretty good job at telling them apart (as well as I can most of the time anyway!). While I was watching TV at night, I’d have my computer on my lap and I’ve made few albums to find things more easily, tagged people and added location on some older pics without GPS coordinates.

  • Thanks, Beth – great post and information as always! Will try to take advantage of the time before
    June, but you’re right, the facial recognition is definitely creepy! Like Big Brother watching you!

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