March 5

Tech tools to get stuff done

It’s National Procrastination Week, but it’s not about laziness. National Procrastination Week was created to give yourself a break from putting stress on yourself to get it all done. This week put aside some of the MUST DOs and try out some of those fun things you’ve been putting off.

That being said, we still carry a lot of stress around the things we should be doing. Here’s my list of ways to stay on task.

  • Music for Focus and Focus@Will are the top-grossing tools that scientifically engineer background music and sounds to help you focus.
  • Time Boxing
    Time Boxing is a productivity technique where you incorporate your to-do list into a calendar so each task has a time, date and time limit. Try Plan, Trevor and Hold X for built-in task management and time boxing.
  • Task Management
    Turn your sticky note collection into a cloud-based task list with Todoist, and Microsoft To Do.
  • Automation
    Stop trying to do everything! IFTTT and Zapier set up automated workflows that take small tasks off your list.

Watch the video for an overview of all!


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  • Hey Beth,
    I got a kick out of seeing National Procrastination Week. I’ve told my friends that I only learned two new words in college: Procrastination and Apathy. I just don’t care if I put off some tasks. Or so I tell myself – never works 🙁

    Thanks for sharing!

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