April 9, 2021

Tech Tools for Serious Self Care


This post is an update of one of your favorite NerdWord topics. Self Care in 2021 is not about finding time to meditate. It’s about getting organized and using your time more efficiently to stay sane in this crazy world.

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Reclaim Your Time

One of the reasons we’re so stressed is that our time is divided like never before because there’s a disappearing line between work and home. These new apps will help you block off your schedule to get stuff done.

Listen Better

During times of stress, we process less than half of the messages coming at us vs. normal times (what the heck is a “normal” time??). And since we can’t process all the communication, we get more stressed! These apps help capture conversations so you don’t lose the messages.

Practice Gratitude

I was surprised to see the number of studies that prove the many benefits of gratitude. Use these apps to say thanks, give back and create a habit of gratitude.


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