November 19, 2021

The Tool You Need Before You Shop for Black Friday


If you’re hitting the online Black Friday sales, there’s a good chance you’ll be choosing products based on their reviews. But how do you know which reviews are authentic?

You can fight back against fake reviews on Amazon and other shopping sites with Fakespot. The tool scans reviews to look for patterns, suspicious reviewers and other red flags we may not be able to see.

Fakespot analyzes reviews to find fake accounts.

On a computer, you can either paste an item link into Fakespot to check or use the Chrome Extension. They also have mobile apps to help you make better decisions while shopping on the go.

The Chrome extension is especially helpful, especially when you’re shopping for something like a monitor. You know you want “a big one,” but it’s hard to tell the differences among the top models.
With the extension, you can sort by the most reliable reviews, and you’ll also see highlights from the reviews about the product in one handy list.


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