December 3

20 Insanely Useful Sites

The web is full of helpful sites that give you the answers you need when you need them. Save and share this list to keep these handy.

NEW! I found a handy tool that lets me group all these sites so you can open them all with one click!

  1. Why is Zoom so choppy today?
  2. Is a site down or is it just you?
    Down for Everyone or Just Me
  3. Is this link safe to click?
    URLVoid or Google Transparency Report or VirusTotal
  4. Can you trust the reviews for this blender?
  5. Will your resume get past the AI resume reviewer?
    Jobscan Applicant Tracking Systems Reviewer
  6. Which book should you read next?
  7. Is your username taken on social media sites or URLs?
  8. Has your phone number, email address or password been breached?
    Have I Been Pwned?
  9. What are your computer specs and other questions that tech support will ask?
    Support Details
  10. How can you get great software on your new computer without searching for all the downloads?
    Ninite (Windows) or Mac Apps (Mac)
  11. When is the best time for a meeting with international attendees?
    Every Time Zone
  12. Where did you stash the manual for the fridge you bought six years ago?
  13. Where can you print out graph paper, lined paper or a Yahtzee Score Card?
    Printable Paper
  14. How many Scrabble points is the word “nerd,” or the cost of living differences between San Diego and Nashville, or your relationship to your uncle’s uncle’s son’s daughter’s cousin or ANYTHING ELSE that can be looked up, calculated, analyzed or configured??!!
    Wolfram Alpha
  15. How can you transfer a video file from your computer to your friend’s phone?
  16. How can you send a fax from your computer for free?
  17. How in the world will you ever watch all the continuing education YouTube videos on your list?
  18. How can you bypass the phone prompts to talk to a real person at Amazon?
  19. How many pizzas do you need for your softball team party?
    Omni Calculator
  20. How can you mass-produce handwritten thank-you notes?


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