February 1

Empathy App: Making Tough Times Easier

TL;DR: Empathy: An award-winning app that provides resources for grieving after a loss as well as step-by-step guidance for post-loss logistics, decisions, organization and more.

The Empathy App

A Personal Story

We lost my mother-in-law on Thanksgiving. She was a shining light for her large Italian family, and we have memories of her all around.

My husband lost his father a few years ago as well, and when he passed, the family started organizing the details of the estate to ease the logistics when their mom passed.

They had assumed, as many families do, that the paperwork was in order and that the settlement of the estate would be easy. But as often is the case, all the “i”s weren’t dotted and some “t”s were uncrossed. Two months later, the family is still tracking down paperwork and accounts and loose ends.

Taking Care of Details after a Loss

My husband and his siblings were proactive with the logistics, but they still encountered challenges. The timing of her passing was not surprising, so they had prepared. But what about people who experience a sudden loss? Or families that had put off the planning because of caretaking duties or just life busy-ness in general?

A death of a loved one can throw everything off, and yet people have to function to make decisions, close accounts, update relatives, gather documents and more.

Empathy: An App to Help after a Loss

Empathy was a finalist for the Social Impact Product of the Year from one of my favorite app-discovery tools, Product Hunt, and also was Google Play’s Best App for Good of 2021. (Check out the winners of The Product Hunt Awards here.)


The app helps with:

  • Funeral Arrangement Details
  • Obituary Writing
  • Family Task Sharing
  • Emotional Support
  • Closing Online Accounts
  • Telling Loved Ones and More

There’s a free version that you can share with up to five family members and even access to care specialists who can help with tasks and more. You can gift Empathy to someone in need, and some companies (hospice, insurance, etc.) have partnered with Empathy to provide services for their customers.


communication, mental health, organization, productivity

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  • So glad to know about the Empathy app, Beth. Very helpful, as both your family and mine navigate through the recent loss of a beloved parent. xo

  • Sorry for your loss of your family member. Thank you for sharing this information. From personal experience this would have been a great tool to have. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to wade through all of the red-tape involved.

  • Beth, I am so sorry that your husband and all of your family had to go through the loss of such a beloved woman. Thank you for sharing information about this very helpful app. It will be useful to many of my clients, plus my own family.

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